Peer review process

  • All papers not previously presented will be submitted via the online form (link;
  • The Editorial Board will verify the submitted papers in order to check the compliance with the journal’s scope and requirements / instructions. Also, each paper received shall be verified with anti-plagiarism software;
  • Papers presented at the International Symposium “Experience. Knowledge. Contemporary Challenges” will be subjected only to editorial review;
  • All submissions accepted at this stage will enter the peer review process;
  • All other papers are subject to the double-blind review process, by reviewers outside the authors’ declared institution (institutional affiliation). The Editorial board will ensure that all potential conflicts of interests between authors and reviewers are avoided. The reviewers’ list is published on the website;
  • Each reviewer assigned to an article fills a review form, which clearly specifies the recommendation to accept the paper or reject it;
  • All articles recommended to be accepted with minor changes will be send to the authors together with the reviewers’ indications. The authors are requested to comply with those indications and modify the contents of the paper accordingly. Then, the authors submit the paper again to the Editorial Board.
  • The final decision on accepting a paper for publication is reserved to the Editorial Board.