Publication ethics

The Editorial and Scientific Committees of ARTECO are fully committed towards ensuring the highest standard of ethics in publishing the articles submitted and accepted.

The ethical guidelines that govern the ARTECO Journal are the following:

  • Authorship

All authors and co-authors should receive credit if they meet the following criteria:

1) substantial contribution to paper concept or design, acquisition of data, or analysis and interpretation of data;

2) drafting the article or reviewing and introducing fundamental changes in it;

3) final approval of the version to be published.

Therefore, any person designated as author or co-author must have a sizable contribution to the article submitted, and shares the responsibility for the text of the paper. Contributions of third parties, such as technical staff or data professionals, should be recognized. All other support (e.g. financial, from a contract authority etc.) should be mentioned in the Acknowledgements section, at the end of the article.

Consistent with the criteria specified above, ghostwriting (when an author contributes in a significant manner to the paper, but is not mentioned) or guest authorship (including an author in the list, while he does not comply with criteria 1 or 2).

All authors should agree upon the order in which their names are specified on the article. When submitting a paper, the submitting author must also include the Statement of Originality (signed) and assume that all authors comply with criteria 3 above. In the paper, all authors are to be indicated, with full name, institutional affiliation, address for correspondence.

All cases of scientific misconduct identified by the journal staff are to be documented and notified to the appropriate people and/or institutions.

  • Acknowledgement of data sources and ideas

Authors are kindly required to faithfully outline the contribution of other authors and their works. All sources of data must be clearly indicated. All publications that have been capitalized in the elaboration of the article must be cited and referenced properly, as indicated in the template.

Plagiarism and self-plagiarism are not welcomed in the scientific community, and ARTECO takes appropriate measures to avoid such situations. The editors will verify, at various stages, the article, by using special software.

Also, authors will make sure that the article they submit to ART ECO has not been submitted to another journal, unless it has been withdrawn from publication or rejected.

Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to use any content in their paper where special copyright rules apply: tables, images, charts/graphs, diagrams, figures, texts of greater length.

  • Conflicts of interest

Conflicts of interest should be avoided in any instance, as they might influence the quality of the research presented in the article.

All situation when a conflict of interests is susceptible to occur must be notified to the editors. When the research presented in the manuscript is supported, in any way, from a financial source (e.g. grant or research contract), the proper acknowledgement is to be included in the article.

  • Reviewing and Editing

All indications and recommendations stated by the reviewers will be sent to the authors, respecting the principle of double-blind review. Authors are responsible for incorporating them in the updated version of the article.